We always loved materials that sort of shapeshift with time. You know, the look and feel of wood patina, an old baseball glove … leather. My grandfather handed me down a leather satchel and I just love the well-lived character of that object.
Since 2016, we create timeless, minimalist and durable objects to be handed down from generation to generation.
Robinson family photo
Robinson is family
The project was named after my grandfather. When I was a kid, I spent almost all my summers at his house playing in the shed with his tools. For me, there was always something about the things that was aging well.

I believe that the sentimental value an object carries when it is handed down and becomes a family heirloom is priceless. I often dream and imagine the adventures that these objects may take us on.
(My grandfather and my mom in the south shore of Montreal, 1968)
In 2015, we moved out from the city and that’s when I started hand stitching in our little country house in Orford.
I felt that people needed something made simply, but robust and elegant.

Robinson family photo
Then came the little house in Brigham, which slowly turned into a studio where I felt like home. It felt like where I grew up: my grandfather’s house.
I went on the search for an old cast iron fireplace to keep us warm at winter. 

Found a few tools, especially manual tools that will keep working even with no electricity. I just like the idea of having more control on production and to be as independent as I possibly can.  
After a few years, we saw that our products were not only holding up the test of time, they became even more
beautiful over time.

Watch how we make slowly 
our leather goods

Movie wallet making