We've always loved materials that seem to shapeshift with time – you know, the look and feel of wood patina, an old baseball glove, leather. We cherish the idea of objects handed down from our parents or grandparents becoming heirlooms.

These beloved possessions, handed down and held dear, are true heirlooms; they're cherished not for their monetary worth but for the narratives they weave, the familial connections they symbolize, and the individuals and occasions they evoke – whether it's the finely crafted leather wallet that once belonged to a great-grandfather, the meticulously tooled belts that have adorned generations of family members, or the treasures that continue to bridge the past and present.

Since 2016, we create timeless, minimalist and durable objects to be handed down from generation to generation.

Robinson family photo
Pat's grandfather's name served as the inspiration for naming the Robinson Company.
South shore of Montreal, 1968
In 2015, we moved out of the city, and that's when we began hand-stitching in our quaint country house in Orford in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. 

Until today, the simplicity of our design has also led us to embrace the concepts of slow-fashion and slow-living. This defines our values of choosing fewer, but better objects in our lives.
Robinson family photo
Then came the little house in Brigham, which slowly turned into a studio where we felt like home.

We embarked on a quest to find an old cast-iron fireplace to keep us warm during the cold Canadian winter. Along the way, we discovered several tools, especially manual ones that continue to function even without electricity. This pursuit was driven by the desire to have greater control over production and to achieve the highest level of independence possible.
Then, after a few years, we saw that our products were not only holding up the test of time, they became even more beautiful over time.

Lov & Pat

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