Frequently Asked Questions

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Lifetime Guarantee & Returns

Yes. We are convinced that our craftsmanship is durable and will stand the test of time. If not, we can repair it. We are not replacing it, we are fixing it. You can read more about our lifetime guarantee here.  

Will fix it !

Our Leather

Our vegetable-tanned leather comes mostly from the tannery Wickett & Craig located in Pennsylvania, USA. We chose this company for its close location to our studio and for its eco-friendly Certification.

Vegan leather is a synthetic fabric.

No. The leather comes from cows from Canada and the USA.* 

*Informations from the tannery Wickett & Craig.

Our studio

Yes, but please announced yourself before you visit. Be aware that the studio is not a store but our place of creation that sometimes have a life of its own. Drop us a line by mail at 

It is my mother's and grandfather's family name. After my grandfather passed away in 2006, it took me a few years to realize what I need in my life : a few things I can do with my hands during the week and an honorable work that keeps me available for my daughter.

Yes. A few things have to be verified before : 

  • The design conception
  • Our production schedule 

Usually custom-made orders is made within 15-20 open days (again, shorter timeline if it's a simple design)