Tripod Camp Stool


The three legged stool is the first object we wanted to create that steps out of what we usually make. We are very proud to combine leather, our primary medium, with wood, a material that has infinite potential.

Sitting on the dock of the bay, fishing rod in hand, waiting for time to pass us by, for waves to break ashore, for fishes to come around. Hanging by the fire, a guitar in hand. This stool will accompany you on all your journeys and give you the greatest excuse to dwell for a brief moment.

  • Supporting frame: varnished maple wood
  • Heavy brown stitching thread
  • Triangular cover: 12-14oz. vegetable-tanned leather
  • Life warranty
  • Expect slight variation in leather markings and tones

At Robinson Company we stand for quality and durability. This is why we choose to offer you a lifetime warranty by repairing the products you purchase with us. 

This warranty covers the stitching and the hardware. It does not cover neglect, misuse, staining, the natural patina process of the leather (with time) or watermarks. 

Don’t forget that the beauty of vegetable tanned leather is characterized by unique variation and the subtleties of colors and texture of the grain. Leather products require conditioning and basic care to ensure the life of the leather.

Every item will be reviewed before being repaired. Allow us some time to fix the products (10-15 days before shipping). 

For all other inquiries or questions regarding warranty or products write us at we are happy to help.


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