Leather Bracelet


This leather bracelet is more than just another ornament among others; its design is an ode to simplicity. Worn with effortless elegance, it adapts to every moment of daily life, serving as a reminder that true sophistication often lies in carefully crafted simplicity.


  • English Bridle leather from renown tannery Wickett & Craig
  • Solid brass piolino
  • Width : 0.5"
  • Handcrafted in Canada

Sizes available

  • 8" - Small
  • 8.5" - Medium 
  • 9" - Large
  • 9.5" - XL

How to find the right size

Wrap the measuring tape snugly around at your wrist. Note the number on the measuring tape, and add a half inch to determine the right bracelet size.


Select a Cord: choose a piece of string that doesn't stretch. 

Wrap Around Wrist: Wrap the cord around your wrist where you typically wear a bracelet. Ensure that it is snug but not too tight, allowing for comfort.

Mark or Hold the Spot

Lay it on Measuring Tape: Lay the cord flat on a measuring tape, starting from the beginning of the tape to the marked or held spot. Ensure that the cord is straight and that there are no twists or kinks.

This will be the measurement to choose.

Crafted with Tradition

We exclusively use vegetable-tanned leather to craft our goods. This natural process allows the leather to age according to its use and exposure to sunlight, resulting in a patina—a natural finish unique to each item we create. This tanning method produces fully biodegradable leather that is free of chemical agents. 
You can read about the different types of leather and tanning processes in the industry on our blog.

In this image, you can see our card wallet from new to two years aged... and still counting.

The process

This method has been used for centuries and is now an artisanal way to transform cow hides into what we call "leather." Each tannery has its "secret recipes," but the process generally involves organic ingredients such as oak bark, roots, leaves, and other fruits to macerate the hides for 30-60 days in oak barrels. The natural tannins in these ingredients act as an acidic agent during maceration, giving each hide its unique color.

All our leather goods are handcrafted by us. Kindly allow 5 to 10 business days for production before shipping.

During peak holiday seasons, such as Christmas, when we experience higher demand, please anticipate a production time of around 10-15 open days.

Orders are shipped with CANADA POST or UPS

For deliveries in Canada, expect 2-7 business days for expedited and 2-4 business days for express shipping.  (ex: Quebec 1-3 days, Ontario 2-4 days, British Colombia- 4-7 days). 
For deliveries in USA, expect 5-10 business days for express shipping.
International Orders 
The estimated delivery time is 1-2 weeks for Air Shipping (no tracking) and 10-14 business days for Express Shipping (with tracking), depending on the country.


If a package is returned to us for any reason, the customer is responsible for any return charges, plus any new shipping fees that occur.

Customers are responsible for any customs or duty charges that are incurred by shipping to their destination.

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