Our story began in 2013 in Montreal, but we dreamed of settling our family in the country. Inspired by our explorations of the Eastern Townships of Quebec, our hikes in the northern mountains of the United States and long bike rides in the country, this project slowly took a place in our lives.

The name Robinson is in honour of my grandfather, who left a memory of accomplishment through manual labor. Our design is simple and timeless. Ultimately, more beautiful with time.

Robinson story

Vegetable Tanned Leather

We exclusively use vegetable-tanned leather for our products. This method involves organic ingredients such as oak bark, roots (such as hemlock, traditionally used by the First Nations people of Quebec), leaves and fruits to macerate the hides from 30 - 60 days in oak barrels. The natural tannins in the ingredients act as an acidic agent during the maceration. This way, the leather is fully biodegradable, with no chemical agents used.

With this natural process, the leather will age according to its use and by exposure to sunlight. Over time, vegetable-tanned leather develops a patina, a natural finish unique to each piece of leather.



Direct Trade

For better quality control and increased authenticity, we buy our leather directly at the tannery, rather than dealing with agents or distributors. We love talking to the people who do the real work of leather making. Our leather comes from the North Eastern United States, and this tannery has been creating some of the world's most high-end leather since 1867.