Pop-Up Shop at Maison Abercorn

According to Larousse, "ephemeral" means "which has only a short duration". In our opinion, it's a much more elaborate concept. For us, the ephemeral/pop up store is of course not permanent, but it’s a time and space allowing  us to connect with the community, bring forward new ideas, creativity and in our case, craftsmanship.

The concepts coming together don’t have to be similar or perfectly aligned. Differences complement each other. Imagine different projects that come together to provide a multidisciplinary experience. A hotel that invites an artisanal creamery. A cinema that transforms its screening room into a theater. A restaurant that invites a baker. A busy street that becomes pedestrian to share a gourmet table, highlighting local artisans such as potters, weavers, carpenters, etc.

After being limited in new human encounters for a while, we felt the need to reach out to you and validate our perspective. To observe, listen, understand, get an idea. We leave a lot of room for intuition and emotion in our lives - perhaps not the most lucrative entrepreneurial values ​​- and this is what allows us to create objects that meet a real need.

I met Guy Gibeault casually and together, we created the occasion to collaborate in his studio. Guy has an extensive experience  as a designer, and through his  he has been creating unique spaces for his customers for over thirty years.

Very soon, a space will be designed by us with our products and spirit and we will be happy to welcome you there on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 5pm, November 20 to December 19 2021.

You can see our facebook event here and confirm if you will pass by and say hi. 

- Pat & Lovi.